A place where you can talk when feeling lonely at work

Free, anonymous and safe

We often lack meaningful communication when working remotely. This is a place where you can talk about what's really important for you and find connections with people that understand you.

Talk about things that are important to you

We sometimes feel the need to put out something that bothers us deep inside. And not always you can find the right place to express it. That’s why we’ve created tellMe.place. Here, you can have simple and meaningful conversations with other people. Full anonymity and no judgment or prejudice—only a relieving power of your story.

tellMe can help you when you’re:

Feeling like you’are living somebody else’s life

Connecting with yourself is one of the most precious things in life. However, at times, we may feel like we're losing that connection, which can negatively impact our lives.

Feeling overloaded

We are living in a world full of information and things happening around us. Sometimes we need a pause to reflect on what is happening inside of us.

Feeling that communication lost its meaning

Instant communication and virtual platforms have become our new environment, but sometimes we feel that we lack meaningful connections.

Feeling that something is bothering you and you don’t know why

An anxious feeling might be a sign that you have feelings that need to be expressed. Writing your story and communicating what’s bothering you with somebody might help better understand yourself.

Feeling less emotions when working from home

Working remotely might affect our ability to feel emotions and make us feel lost and isolated. Sometimes a simple conversation about important things with a real person might help turn that around.

Feeling that your life is fully determined

Our lives are changing day by day. Work routine or workplace stress might lead to feelings like it’s always the same and nothing can be changed according to your will power and desires. 

Feeling that you want new connections

A conversation with a new interesting person is always a true pleasure. Read other people’s stories to find the things that you can relate to.

Feeling that you want to share something with people

We all go through some issues and learn from them. On our platform, you can help somebody by listening to their stories and sharing your life experience.

And more!

If you feel lonely, try tellMe.place. It's free, anonymous, and safe.

How tellme.place works

We have developed a simple platform based on the narrative therapy approach. Only essential features and nothing distracting. Here, you can reflect on your feelings and talk about what’s important to you with a person that is ready to listen. 

Read stories

Reading other people’s life stories might help you realize that you’re not alone with what you’re going through.

Write your own story

Nothing has such power as writing your story. Expressing your thoughts and feelings will help you define and control them better.

Talk to someone

You can organize a meeting with a person about their or your story. We guarantee you full confidentiality, and this is a place with no judgment or prejudice.

Core team

We believe that the answer to tackling loneliness is simple: making sincere human connections and being open to share and listen.

Kostiuk Bogdana

Founder & CEO

Maksym Prokopenko

Product Designer

Eugene Perepelitsa

UX/UI Designer

Write your own story

Expressing the things that have been bothering you might help feel relieved. Try it and find meaningful connections here—the tellMe.place platform is free.

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How can I talk to someone?
Are you offering mental health services?
What if I do not want to write a story but want to talk to people?
Is there a limit of stories that I can write or meetings that I can request?

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